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January 9, 2011
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Fixed bug in browser IE (Internet Explorer)! ^0^

"Regular Dress Up" - just a title for this cool game that I've made for you, Regular Show fans! )))

In this game you can dress up Mordecai or Rigby.
Just click on the character you like to dress up.
In the process of game you can change character you play with - just click on the other one.
You can combine some costumes, some costumes will be whole. You should pick a costume you like and drag it to the character. If you want to remove costume, you should click on it and drag it to the wardrobe.

It was really funny to me to do this game))) It wasn't so easy because I wrote huuuuge program code and draw all stuff by myself.

Music that sounds when you dress up Mordecai is "Smoke on the water" (Deep Purble)
Music that sounds when you dress up Rigby is "От улыбки станет всем светлей" - "All will be brightened by the smile" (from Russian cartoon "The Little Raccoon"). The Little Raccoon sings this song.

I reeaaaaly hope that you'll like it. I really tried to make an awesome interesting dress up game, and I was really pleasured when I make it. ^^ ^^

If you really like my game, I'll be happy if you donate me a little points (if you can or want, of course) ^-^
but if you would, I'll be grateful to you ^0^

I made this game in Adobe Flash.
Characters from "Regular Show" created by JG Quintel.

Please, download for the full size. Game really looks more beautiful and it'll be really more interesting when you play in big size.
btw, if you have a huge screen, you can see a little "surprise" from Yin Lin (me) - it is label on Rigby's cloak, looks like a label of a sewing shop. ^_-
UPDATE!!! ^-^
I add some more outfits from season 2 + fairy outfit for both characters (they look like WinX Club outfits).
You should looking forward for more new outfits, cuz I now working on it!
mega-super UPDATE!!! #2 ^0^ *0* ^0^
Finally! I made a title card for this game.
I add some more outfits from season 2 (such as Realm of Darthon costumes, zombie costumes and Wrestling outfits).
Also, there are a lot of secrets in this game. Try to find them! Just click everywhere to see.
And, of course, I made a super regular exit. Try to find it to see how our poor animals will be sucked through the Looking-Glass the by the magic mirror.
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Marceline347 Jun 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Lol you touch the mirror where it says exit, and then they both leave into another portal!
Wyattsrules May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Really cute and fun!
KAJHKJAGKJAGKJAGHAJ !!,, I love, love, love!! x3x
A-Lizzie Mar 26, 2012
Ohmigosh Mordecai and Rigby wearing Winx Club outfits
Lol, of course Mordo gets the better song :lol:
TMBTokierlove Sep 23, 2011
I love this game! It's done very well, and quite fun.
they looked pretty legit. lmao.
i t hought i was dressing them up on cartoon networks site ^^;

i adore rigby <3 ;P
GalacticRainbow Mar 30, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
XDDDD i luvs!!!

great the Russian raccoon song is gonna be stuck in my head forever! =n=

lol im havin way too much fun with this...
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